Minland set 10 – Hermisized Mint

Minland set 10 – Hermisized Mint

Minland set 10 – Hermisized Mint

Minland set 10 – Hermisized Mint
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Set of 10 200ml airtight containers ideal for storing your baby’s liquid or solid feeds. You can use them to freeze and thaw each feed in the exact measurement, as they feature a scale on the side. Very convenient for heating in the same container, using a bottle warmer, microwave, or water bath. Additionally, this set includes two matching spoons for your baby to learn how to eat.


The baby’s feedings are always ready, to the mountains, to the beach or to the park!

It allows parents to prepare feeds at home and take them anywhere. They are the ideal size to carry in your bag, in any isothermal bag or cooler.


Made in Spain

Graduated airtight containers with a capacity of 200 ml, made in Spain with highly resistant materials.


To accurately control the feeding of the baby

The measures in the glass allow to adapt the shot to the needs of the baby at all times. In addition, the side surface allows pencil writing of data such as the baby’s name, date and type of food or food contained for greater control.


Store breast milk

Very suitable for storing breast milk, either to refrigerate and consume on the same day or to keep for longer in the freezer.


For all types of solid or liquid food

Ideal for the fi rst porridge and all kinds of solid foods, from appetizers and snacks to desserts. It is very suitable for other liquid foods such as broths, consommés or natural juices. Set 10 and set 12 also includes two types of spoon: a softer one meant to be gentle on the littlest ones’ gums and a deeper one for older children.


Frozen and thawed food with all the guarantees

Baby food is preserved in the freezer maintaining its nutritional properties, aroma and fl avor. The graduated glass is suitable for microwaves, which allows you to defrost food in a moment with total comfort and safety.


Heat anywhere

Very comfortable to heat food in the same airtight container, in any bottle warmer, microwave or in a bain-marie, right at the moment of taking it.


Bisphenol A free

100% BPA free.