Tiny Love Samuel The Elephant – Tiny Rolling Toys

Tiny Love Samuel The Elephant – Tiny Rolling Toys

Tiny Love Samuel The Elephant – Tiny Rolling Toys

Tiny Love Samuel The Elephant – Tiny Rolling Toys
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An innovative rolling baby toy that inspires baby’s sense of exploration and encourages growth. An excellent crawling toy, the Tiny Rolling Toy inspires baby to move and its clever design expands baby’s horizons, inspiring creativity and imagination.

  • GROWS WITH BABY from tummy time, through sitting, standing and walking, Rolling Samuel accompanies baby along the path of development.
  • DEVELOPS COGNITION: As older babies bend the accordion body to change the nature of the toy’s movement, it gradually helps them understand about sequences of actions.
  • INSPIRES IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY: The toys unique design and flexible accordion shape inspires babies to roll, stretch, twist, and push the toy, discovering new possibilities as they play.
  • MOTIVATES EXPLORATION: The crinkly ears, spinning ball, sliding beads and a rewarding clicking sound when head is rotated motivate baby to explore and play.
  • LEARN MORE FROM OUR EXPERTS! Our products are carefully conceived to support babies’ growth and development. Take a look at our Age Tips tab to learn how you can use this product to encourage your baby’s development.
  1. Flexible body
  2. Beads in wheel
  3. Spinning ball with beads
  4. Rotating head with clicking sound
  5. Crinkly fabrics


Allow baby to explore the toy, pulling at the crinkly fabric, moving the beads and spinning ball and, later on, moving the rotating head to enjoy the rewarding clicking sound.


Once babies are feeling more confident in the tummy time position, the toy’s rolling movement tempts them to stretch forward and explore their own ability to become mobile.


The toys versatile playing options, flexible body and moving features inspire baby’s creativity and imagination.


Baby will play with the toy in a more sophisticated fashion as time passes, bending the accordion body to make Leonardo sit or changing the angle of the body to make Leonardo roll left or right. With time, this fun play will teach baby about sequences of actions, helping them gradually realize that the act of bending the body affects the way the toy rolls.

These are the key Developmental Wonders that this product can encourage in your baby:

Fine Motor Skills

The toy’s various features tempt baby to use hands and fingers in a variety of ways, strengthening small muscles and developing fine motor skills.

Gross Motor Skills

As the toy rolls around, it encourages babies to spend more time in tummy time and, later on, tempts them to explore their own ability to move and crawl.

Imagination & Creativity

The toy’s flexible body, rotating head and rolling movement change its appearance and its playing mods, inspiring baby’s imagination and creativity.


As babies explore the toy’s various possibilities and learn how to manipulate its different parts, cognition is gradually developed. The accordion-shaped body plays a major role in this process, teaching your growing baby how bending the body changes the direction in which the toy will roll.