Tiny Love Super Mat Princess Tales

Tiny Love Super Mat Princess Tales

Tiny Love Super Mat Princess Tales

Tiny Love Super Mat Princess Tales
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A developmental playground for fun and exploration. A Super Mat for super fun!
  • 8 ACTIVITIES THAT ENCOURAGE COGNITION, GROSS MOTOR SKILLS AND MORE. Extra-large developmental playground that inspires exploration and discovery, supporting development.
  • EXTENDS TUMMY TIME with a slew of engaging activities and an adjustable stand-alone mirror.
  • STYLISH PINK DESIGN especially suited for baby girls featuring the adorable Tiny Princess Tales Tiny Pioneers.
  • COMPACT & VERSATILE PRODUCT that is easy to fold and carry to take along.
  • LEARN MORE FROM OUR EXPERTS! Our products are carefully conceived to support babies’ growth and development. Take a look at our Age Tips tab to learn how you can use this product to encourage your baby’s development.
  • Part of the Tiny Princess Tales™ Collection. Development has never looked so adorable!
  1. Easy grasp butterfly teether
  2. Fluttering playful flags
  3. Loop and elastic button for easy fold & carry
  4. Fun peek-a-boo tree
  5. Machine washable mat
  6. Engaging peek-a-boo flap
  7. Shiny satin ribbons
  8. Plush swan wing
  9. Corduroy tree top
  10. Mirror for extended tummy time
  11. 100X 150 X4 CM

0+ months: EQ – BONDING

From the very first days, the Super Mat is the perfect setting to get close up with baby and bond. Lie next to your little one and cuddle up, gaze at each other, talk and sing songs, taking the precious opportunity of getting to know one another.


Encourage your baby to lie in tummy time by engaging baby with one of the features and activities. Point to the cute Tiny Princess Tales characters, draw baby’s attention to the peek-a-boo tree and satin ribbons, or place the mirror at a convenient angle for your baby to explore his or her own reflection.

5+ months: COGNITION

When your baby is older and sitting up, let them enjoy the cozy playing area both indoors and outside and explore the mat’s various features and activities from an exciting new angle.

These are the key Developmental Wonders that this product can encourage in your baby:

Gross Motor Skills

The wide and spacious baby mat lets your little ones stretch their body out and practice rolling over, moving around, extending tummy time and, later, creeping and sitting up while enjoying the mat’s stimulating activities.


The colorful design with the clearly defined illustrations, the rattling and crinkling sounds and the use of various materials stimulate baby’s senses.


Bonding time is the perfect way of reassuring baby and supporting emotional development. Enjoy the spacious soft mat together with baby around the house or in the park.

Fine Motor Skills

As babies explore the shiny satin ribbons, they practice their hand and finger muscles, developing their fine motor skills.


As babies plays with the fun peek-a-boo tree, the understanding of object permanence begins to form in their minds.